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Blender Bottle™ by Lexury Goods


The Blender Bottle is perfect for those who believe "Health is the greatest wealth". The innovative design combining blender and bottle together. Imagine being able to go anywhere and make your own smoothies, protein shakes, cocktails, or even baby food. This blender is perfect for you who need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this modern busy world.
  • Portable - Bring Blender Bottle™ from office, gym, camping, or even traveling
  • Powerful - It can crush ice, fruit, or vegetables
  • Convenient - Easily recharge Blender Bottle™ with any USB port. Lasts up to 20x blends per charge.
  • Multi Purpose Blend smoothies, shakes, cocktails, until baby foods anywhere and anytime.
  • Auto Cleaning - No more struggle with washing your blender / protein shaker.
  The Blender Bottle™ is the world's most powerful portable blender. With it's six stainless steel blades, you're not sacrificing power for convenience! The Blender Bottle™ is so powerful it can even crush ice. All without a kitchen or power outlet. With its compact and portable design, the Blender Bottle™ allows you to mix up your favorite shakes and drinks anywhere you go. The Blender Bottle™ is easily rechargeable through a USB port so that you can eat healthy wherever you are! Plus, your Blender Bottle™ will practically clean itself. Imagine never having to clean your blender again. Just add water and an optional drop of soap, and run your Blender Bottle™ until, "Presto", it's clean! We asked 1000s of frequent blender users how they use their blenders, and designed the Blender Bottle™ to be the perfect size for the majority of customers. It's compact enough to carry with you using it's built in carrying strap, or even to fit in your car's cup holder, but large enough to make all of your favorites. The Blender Bottle™ also features a built-in strainer to help keep your beverages chunk free. Order now to start living a more healthy and portable lifestyle!


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